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Outdoor First Aid will be on sale during the Emergency first aid courses geared towards the outdoors.

Alternatively the book can be purchased directly from the publisher, any good outdoor retailer or online.

Copies of the book can also be purchase directly from Active First Aid. Simply email Katherine your order and include a postal address.


Pesda Press

Title: Outdoor First Aid
ISBN: 978-1-906095-35-2
Price: £15.99

Below is an example of a Casualty Report Form as mentioned in the book. It is available here free to download

Casualty Report Form

Outdoor first aid book

a practical manual by katherine wills

The great outdoors provides us with a playground, and for some, a place of work. Whether you are a walker, paraglider, orienteer, climber, horse rider, mountain biker or fell runner, all outdoor activities carry inherent risks and dangers. In fact, seeking and controlling those risks can for some, be a part of the whole enjoyment. We must therefore be prepared to have to deal with an accident (or some form of medical problem) possibly in an isolated, inaccessible or even hostile environment.

In an urban setting we rely on ambulance crews, paramedics, doctors and nurses to provide assistance and medical care when things go wrong. This usually means the average person can get away with knowing surprisingly little first aid, but remain fairly safe on a day to day basis. However, once you enter the remote setting, your minimal first aid knowledge and skills may suddenly feel very inadequate.

Outdoor First Aid Manual