CANINE first aid


Would you know what to do if your dog, or a dog you were caring for became injured or ill? Could you deal with an unconscious dog or a life threatening bleed and safely evacuate the dog back to your vehicle? This practical 6 hour course looks at the unique challenges of doing first aid on a dog. It concentrates on common injuries, illnesses and conditions that you may be presented with through realistic scenario practice.


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Canine first aid does not replace qualified veterinary care, however when that professional care may be some considerable time away, your first aid skills may be extremely useful if not life saving

- How to approach an injured dogBasic First Aid courses
- Examining your dog
- Dealing with a collapsed dog
- Adaptive canine CPR
- Choking
- Seizures
- Bandaging cuts, punctures and abrasions
- Dealing with broken bones
- Heat stroke
- Hypothermia and frostbite
- Evacuation: improvised stretchers and carries
- Mountain first aid kits for dogs

Candidates will be given the opportunity to practice their skills on specialist kit including Casper CPR canine manikins and train on full sized unconscious replica dogs. Wound management is practiced on a number of dog manikins of various sizes and all training bandages and dressings are provided. There will be a discussion on what additional first aid kit can be carried for use on canines and the opportunity to practice some improvised carrying and stretcher techniques.


course location

The Emergency First Aid for Outdoor People courses are run from a number of locations around Snowdonia. The location for each course can be found underneath the course date above. If unsure please contact Active First Aid for clarification.