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Active first aid offers a number of Rescue Emergency Care (REC) first aid courses. The courses covered are Basic First Aid, HSE Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), Emergency First Aid for outdoor people, and private first aid courses designed to fit your needs.

The courses are professional, fun, excellent quality and fantastic value to meet the needs of all clients. Rescue Emergency Care (REC) courses are designed to cover not only the first aid needs required to meet the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines, but also first aid for those people working or playing in more remote areas.

Katherine also delivers Canine First Aid courses for those who wish to learn how to apply first aid skills and principles to an injured or sick dog in the outdoors.

Whether you work in an office or outdoor environment Active First Aids courses are for everyone from mountaineering instructors, teachers and industry through to youth clubs and school children.

why train with active first aid?

The popularity of Active First Aid's courses is due to Katherine's belief that First Aid is about 'doing' and so the emphasis of the courses is on the practical element. Active First Aid courses contain no medical jargon and plenty of hands on work, which results in a course that is not only lively and enjoyable but also extremely relevant and valuable. Katherine's 35 years practical experience in first aid gives the candidates the opportunity to become confident in providing care, and the ability to apply general first aid principles in each and every first aid situation they may find themselves in.

If you are interested in doing a First Aid Course, or simply wish to have a chat, then please contact Katherine Wills and she will get back to you with details and information relevant to your enquiry.

Active First Aid courses in Snowdonia, North Wales